The chilled beer remains constant companion of the hot summer evenings.

To reassure all beer lovers who have concerns about their health or waist size, I decided to list at least 10 scientifically proved reasons for the benefit of the moderate consumption of beer.

  1. The beer protects against kidney stones

According to a study published in the issue of the American Society of Nephrology, for the people who drink beer in moderate amounts, the risk of kidney stones is 41 percent lower.

2. The beer contains vitamins

Because of its ingredients and the fermentation processes, the beer contains many vitamins and minerals. Including: B1, B2, B6 and B7 (biotin), and according to the current scientific position the vitamins from the B group help in improving concentration and have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, stimulates metabolism and help the nervous system to function properly.


3. The beer is rich in anti-oxidants

Xanthohumol – the ingredient that is found only in hops, prevents from cancer. According to a study from 2000, published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, hops are a better source of anti-oxidants than the red wine, green tea and soy products.

4. The beer promotes breastfeeding

One study reveals that prolactin levels in the body rise thanks to one of the beer’s ingredient – barley. A carbohydrate found in the barley acts as a stimulant for the production of more breast milk.


5. The beer helps for faster falling asleep

The beer contains 2 ingredients – nicotinic acid and lactoflavin which contribute to faster occurrence of sleep. If you suddenly get sleepy after drinking beer, the likely cause for this is due to the already mentioned ingredients.


6. The beer counteracts stress

According to a report of Mayo Clinic the moderate consumption of beer may help reduce stress and anxiety.

7. The beer strengthens the bones

According to the studies in this field it has been found that orthosilicic acid may strengthen the skeleton. The University of California has found that beer is a source of dietary silicon which helps to form and maintain the bone strength. According to the study, two beers can provide as much as 30 milligrams of nutrient. Another earlier study shows that men and menopausal women who drink 1 to 2 drinks a day had a higher mineral bone density in their thighs and spine than the abstainers. The lighter beers have more silicon dioxide than the darker ones.

8. The beer is an effective hydrating drink after sports

The beer is the origin of isotonic beverages according to Spanish sources.

The adequate and recommended daily dose for sportsmen is 2 beers of 0.33 liters for men and 1 beer of 0.33 liters for ladies. Except that the amber fluid brings happiness, it helps for the rehydration after active physical activities. It imports vitamins, especially vitamin “B”, which helps for the relaxation of the muscle fibers after physical exercise.


9. The beer protects against muscle loss

Researchers from Tokushima University, Japan proved that the flavonoids in hops, which give the bitter taste, suppress muscular atrophy in tests with immobilized laboratory mice. When the mice are given fodder, containing the hops compound, they retain more muscle mass than those fed with normal food with flavonoids and those fed with no flavonoids.

10. The moderate consumption of beer lowers the cardiovascular risk

Already in 2005 it was found that people who drink moderately live longer because the consumption of alcohol and beer reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke and diabetes. The beer protects the heart in the same way as wine. The statistics show a J-like relationship with the reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases in the moderate consumption of beer and wine. The high content of vitamins B6, B9 and B12 in beer is an additional protective factor against cardiovascular diseases. The great advantage of the amber beverage is that its valuable ingredients are in an appropriate, easily absorbable and nutritionally-physiological form for the human organism.