First, it is very important not to heat honey above 45oC. So, if you put in tea or other hot drinks, you have to wait until they are not warm. The high temperature kills all useful in bee honey.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey are extremely important in the cold months when viral diseases and colds rage. So, don’t forget to eat from the magical elixir every day during winter. Of course, buy it only from proven producers, in order to be sure it is real.

The information source is and some self-experience, but you can find more interesting facts about bee honey on this website, for example the production of 1kg honey bees have to pass through 4 000 000 blossoms.

One tablespoon of honey will soothe your condition.

Recently specialists from the international center “Ali” have developed a “honey” program for alcoholism treatment. They have proven large amounts of honey can cure alcohol dependence.