We peel and remove the seeds of various fruits and vegetables, but is this always a good idea?

The seeds of fruits and vegetables which we always throw away and consider unnecessary are actually a real treasure-house of different nutrients.


Each seed contains biologically active substances which can activate all biochemical processes in the organism. In other words, enormous power and genetic material for the future growth of the plant is embedded in the seed and its consumption speeds up the reactions of organism’s restoration.

This part of the plants is usually harder and more difficult to digest, so it is important they to be well-chewed before swallowing in order the body to make the most of their nutritional qualities.

On the other hand, the seeds are kind of dietary fibers and when not fully absorbed, they serve to improve the intestinal passage. They may affect our health. But remember – in order the valuable substances from the seeds of vegetables and fruits to be absorbed they should be chewed so the hard shell is broken down. Otherwise – they have no benefit.

So here is a kind of rating of the 5 really healthy food seeds:
1. Melon seeds – the seeds are usually the first thing we throw away when we clean the melon. But they are rich in protein, fibers, vitamin E and magnesium.

There is good news for vegetarians and vegans – the small seeds are unusual source of protein.

A study published in “Science” proves that the protein content of melon seeds is comparable to that of soy milk. The plenty of fibers in these seeds is their other feature which makes them quite suitable in case of indigestion and constipation.

The melon seeds are also loaded with antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, as well as magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Infusions of the seeds are often used in the traditional medicine as a diuretic mean in case of kidney diseases. The regular washing with cooled infusion has rejuvenating and whitening effect on the face.

So eat melon, but don’t throw away its seeds! You have several options for them:

  • Eat them raw!
  • Bake them in the oven and you’ll get a healthy snack.
  • Add them to your morning smoothie. This is the perfect way for their consumption. They are great supplement for both fruit and green smoothies!

2. Apple seeds –this is the healthiest part of the fruit and it is even claimed they protect against cancer.

Several studies conducted in different parts of the world confirm that apple seeds contain biologically active substances and vitamins which prevent cancer diseases. One of the valuable vitamins in the seeds is B 17 which is known to attack the insidious cells.

The doctors still warn that we should not go too far with apple seeds. Besides healthy nutrients, they contain hydrocyanic acid which is dangerous for the health. But if you consume 4-5 seeds per day, the concentration in the organism does not exceed the permissible safe dose.624-300-hrani

3. Grape seeds – you probably don’t know but the phenol procyanidin, which is also called “the secret anti-aging vitamin”, is the most abundant in these seeds. Resveratrol is the other phenol contained in the grape skins and seeds which acts quite favorably on our organism.

Like every antioxidant, but far more powerful than most of them, procyanidin is considered as successful prophylaxis against cancer.624-300-hrani1

The current studies about resveratrol show that it acts quite favorably on cell and tissue health. It is found more in the grape skins than in the seeds, but both combine very well in the young red wine, especially in the sort Cabernet Sauvignon.

Quantities of it lower the blood glucose and have an impact on the condition in type 2 diabetes. The grape seeds also contain linoleic acid which helps in delaying the inflammatory processes.

Not surprisingly they are used in a variety of face creams – not only because the fact they give you a more youthful skin but also because they treat acne and other skin problems very successfully. The antioxidants in grape seeds are the reason they are a key ingredient in most anti-age products.307-398-hrani12

4. Avocado seeds – avocado pit is also full of healthy substances for the organism. In South America they use the pit in the fight against dysentery and other gastrointestinal problems. It contains many phenolic compounds, fibers and amino acids which are essential for the prevention of various diseases.

The flavonoids in avocado pits possess anti-tumor action and the antioxidants protect against premature aging. Moreover, oil can be derived from this seed which is similar to the olive oil and may be used for a variety of cosmetic purposes, including fighting dandruff.

A study of the University of Pennsylvania was recently published, which showed that the phenolic compounds in avocado seed may lower high cholesterol and improve the immune status of its consumers. The message of the publication is very clear – every heart sick patient should eat avocado, including its seed.

So, in short – don’t throw away avocado pit because it is quite easy to make it edible, as you break it down to pieces with a knife, then blend to small pieces and add them to milk cocktail, smoothie, mess or fruit salad.

5. Grapefruit seeds – it has been found that the extract from these seeds has the ability to affect about 800 bacterial and viral strains and about 100 fungal strains. Therefore, it is recommended as universal tool in the treatment of sore throat, fungal infections (Candida), infections of the intestinal tract and ulcers (Helicobacter pylori), acne, etc. So, don’t throw away the seeds, you can safely use them as you blend them together with the whole fruit.624-3020-hrani
The list could continue endlessly, but anyway my appeal to the readers is not to worry about the consumption of fruits and vegetables together with the seed, but also not to forget that despite all healthy actions, still we have to be careful. Ingestion of too much seeds may bring a lot of extra calories in the organism and impede digestion.