1. Bet on the soup! People who have soup for lunch every day consume 100-200 kcal less compared with the others.

2. Think for your body! Whenever you are tempted to eat something caloric think how well you will look and feel if you DO NOT eat it!

3. Do sport! It’s dark, gloomy… the mood is somehow home-keeping and the only thing which warms your soul is the thought for a glass of red wine, fireplace and knitted socks, but the physical activity rises dopamine levels considerably thus making us think positively and be smiling! So, in spite of the ice and cold outside, don’t change your rhythm of sports.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables. Avoid heavy foods which pull us in winter. Stress on citruses which are so rich in vitamin C, eat raw nuts and think often about honey – it is an ally in the fight against infections.

5. Sleep as much as you need! Do not skimp on your sleep! The lack of sleep leads to increased appetite and irritability! The less we sleep the more we eat!