This weekend is going to be magic – Nov 15th is the beginning of the Christmas fast or also known as the Nativity Fast in the Eastern Churches! No matter what is your attitude to the religious veganism, spend at least one day without eating animal products.

Wake up without an alarm clock, do your usual morning rituals without hurrying and have a salad of seasonal fruits with some raw walnuts. Have a walk in the nature, or do some jogging – 40 minutes surrounded by the autumn’s aroma, see your friends, take time for yourself – either reading a book, or watching a nice movie. You can go and listen to a liturgy – the choir of “Alexander Nevsky” /or probably any other choir/ will carry your mind into another dimension with its calming and raising sound.

Plan your Sunday. Do morning yoga, go to swim, buy yourself flowers, prepare an early dinner and get ready for next week, the new challenges and the new beginning!

Have a wonderful weekend!