I would like to warmly congratulate you for stopping this insidious habit, but also to encourage you to go on and not to lose your willpower.

Remember the words of Mark Twain: “There is nothing easier than quit smoking. I myself have done it over 100 times.” Behind this seemingly humorous speech of the famous American writer and humorist stands the bitter truth about quitting cigarettes – it is not easy at all, because nicotine leads to addiction in the same way narcotics do.

The increased weight after stopping smoking is not regularity – in some people the weight doesn’t change at all, while others add 2-3 kg, while still others get slimmer. The average weight gain is 2 to 4 kg per year and only 4% gain more than 9 kg. This, above all, is associated with the fact that in almost all smokers, as a result of tobacco intoxication, some form of gastritis develops. In most of the cases it is asymptomatic, but gastric juice secretion is constantly reduced due to the atrophy of gastric mucosa, which leads to poorer absorption of nutrients. That is why many smokers, even with proper eating, suffer from chronic asthenia – weakness, paleness, vitamin deficiency. After quitting cigarettes, the mucous membrane of the stomach is restored and the gastric juice secretion is normalized. The ex-smokers begin to feel not only increased appetite, but their stomach starts to absorb the food better – prerequisites for weight gain.


It is good to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits, to drink more water and fresh juices and to exercise regularly in order this not to happen in the first months after quitting the bad habit. Switch to fragmented nutrition that speeds up metabolism – increased number of servings – 4-5 times a day, but with small portions. Eat slowly, chew thoroughly the food and enjoy its quality and taste, not the quantity. After each swallow, make a pause for several seconds. Your organism will gradually adapt to the new conditions in a month. Talking about the already gained 5-6 kg, my advice is to use this and to undergo a relieving detox regime for at least 4 days, followed by gradual feeding for one or two weeks. It is proper detoxification to be considered with your current medical condition and the most appropriate regime for you to be chosen, including functional foods which will contribute to even better toxin cleansing. The positive effect of such a detox creates strong motivation for a new style of eating and lifestyle, so do not hesitate – set goals, build a strategy and don’t lose time – the quickly gained kilograms are quickly removed.
Good luck!