Cellulite is not only a cosmetic defect. The formation of orange peel skin is a connective tissue disease also known as gynoid lipodystrophy and literally means dystrophy of the fat tissues in women. It is believed that almost 90% of the adult Caucasian women are affected more or less from the disaster “orange peel skin”. This percentage includes also the ladies who care in priority for their body, including nutrition, physical activity, etc.

Which are the main causes of cellulite?

First, this is genetics or the hereditary predisposition, followed by age, but among them is unhealthy nutrition as well – regimes based on “junk food” such as burgers, French fries, pizza, waffles, etc., plenty of carbohydrates in combination with absence of real natural foods.

The bad habits – alcohol and smoking, as well as the sedentary lifestyle, are also cited as predisposing factors. Wearing too tight clothes also disturbs the blood circulation and may be an additional cause of cellulite formation.

The occurrence of orange peel skin may be due to hormonal imbalance in the organism – metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, dysfunction of the adrenals and the thyroid are a common cause of fat tissue dystrophy. And last but not the least, the polluted environment and the regular accumulation of stress are also a potential cause of cellulite.

The hypoderm or the deeper subcutaneous fatty layer is a “pad” of the skin which connects it with the underlying tissues. It is build up predominantly of lipocytes (fat cells), filled with fat drops and connective tissue in the form of fibers, which are gathered in fascicles that give elasticity and strength of the skin.

This subcutaneous tissue has a different thickness in the different parts of the body – the thickest is the layer in the abdominal region and buttocks, followed by the chest and hips, as it is completely missing under the fingernails and eyelids.


In the process of obesity both an increase in the number and the size of the fat cells, which then unite in larger cells, is observed. The main role of the subcutaneous fatty layer is to prevent from injuries and to serve as an energy reserve. It is exactly this tissue against which about 90% of the women fight every day.

Female body is designed so that it allows larger accumulation of fatty tissue than the representatives of the stronger gender. The effects of the free radicles and the accompanying processes, resulting in accumulation of certain anions which cause degeneration of hyaluronic acid and collagen, cell damage through peroxidation and disruption of the permeability of the cell membranes, are quite important and potentially dangerous factor in particular for cellulite occurrence.

The change in the transmembrane transport leads to accumulation not only of fluids but also active metabolic products, most of which are of protein nature. They stimulate the fibroblasts, which leads to growth of connective tissue. The collagen fibers are significantly thickened and the skin becomes denser – a process that additionally impairs the cellular functions, and when a need of energy occurs, these cells are not capable of utilizing the stored fat to produce such.

The result is one – due to all these changes, the pressure inside the tissues rises, hypoxia occurs, and the mechanical impact outwardly to the epidermis deforms the skin surface and makes it rough – with bumps and hollows or as we know it orange peel skin.

Studies show that there is no direct link between overweight and cellulite because the latter is impairment in the distribution of the skin fat tissue, and even the very slim ladies possess subcutaneous fat. Major point in the anti-cellulite diet is not the amount of calories, but the mineral content of the products.

Your diet should be balanced and simple.

Try to obtain enough amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables – rich in cellulose. Look for foods with minimum added flavors, preservatives and additives. Consume often fresh juices – it is known that vitamin C speeds up metabolism and improves blood microcirculation. Pay enough attention to green tea – its anti-oxidants help in excreting the slags and toxins from the body. The latter are one of the potentially responsible factors for cellulite occurrence.

It is appropriate to consume foods rich in lecithin, fatty acids and amino acids. They reduce the fluid between the fat cells and increase the blood supply to the skin cells. Eggs and soya are rich in lecithin. The right proportion of fatty acids is found in olive oil, flaxseed oil, rapeseed and raw nuts, and polyphenols are abundant in strawberries, pomegranate, rose hips, grapes and citrus fruits.

Витамин С

Express approach for those who want quickly and easy to get in shape for the beach is the so called detox programs.

These sorts of regimes boost the energy levels and also are not difficult to follow. Besides the change in the food, the transition to relieving diet, the inclusion of appropriate food additive is important part of body detoxification.

These regimes are characterized with at least 3-day gradual hypo-calorie menu, followed by 4-day detoxification with juices and at least 5-day feeding with low-calorie menu, distributed in 5 courses, so not to feel hunger, not to deprive from nutrients and to continue to get slimmer at the same time.

These types of diets should be rich in the so called superfoods which are already available on our market. These magical natural products have the capability of speeding up metabolism incomparably and stimulating the organism to self-healing.

The presence of detox drinks helps in cleansing the body from the accumulated toxins and restores the fresh face color.