And how do we make a home immunomodulator for the winter from the current harvest?

To answer the question – elderberry or dwarf elder – I have to do a brief reference of the Sambucus genus. In fact, there are three species in the elderberry family: Black elderberry, called dendroid or elder tree; danewort also called dwarf elder and red elder – probably the most unpopular, but with exceptional healing properties.

Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a small tree that reaches up to 6 m of height. The plant is typical for most parts of Europe, Asia and Africa, as in Bulgaria it is found throughout the country. The elder tree is on first place in content of iron, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin C among all “-berry” fruits (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries). It is used from ages in the medicine of different nations for the treatment of colds, flu and sinusitis. The black pearl, as it is also called, has a proven antiviral action and is also used to boost the immune system and the defense forces of the organism to various types of viruses. Moreover, it has an excellent detoxifying effect and may be used in skin problems such as acne and rashes.


Danewort or dwarf elder grows in whole Europe and Asia and offers a wide range of healing properties. It blooms in July-August in thick snow-white flowers and the fruits mature in the end of summer around September. The difference between these two species is in the size. The dwarf elder reaches about one meter in height, while the tree, as it was mentioned above, is growing more. Moreover, the ripe and even overripe fruits of the danewort stick up in dense cluster, unlike the dendroid elder whose fruits are hanging down.


The legends say, completely logically, that birds and animals know unmistakably the qualities of the plants in nature.  In order to supply them with the necessary energy for the long flight to the south, in autumn the migrating birds peck from the generously laden with purple-red, almost black juicy fruit of the danewort.

The miraculous black berries in fresh form in autumn or dried in winter are one of the best natural remedies to treat anemia. They are also an essential immune stimulant, positively affect the heart function and help in lowering the blood pressure.

No matter what you will choose, elderberry or dwarf elder, the folk medicine offers a lot of recipes for their use. It is recommended in the form of syrup or jam as strongly strengthening the organismremedy and even anti-cancer drug.


Here are two widespread recipes:

For the danewort tea boil 1 teaspoon crushed roots in ? liter of water on low heat for 10 minutes. Strain the potion after cooling and drink one wine glass (75 ml) 4 times a day before meal.

The danewort syrup is prepared in cold manner – in a container with a wide neck put a layer of fruit then a layer of sugar. Tie the neck of the container with a gauze and leave it until the sugar is melted. Then strain and pour into bottles. Put a double gauze again on the necks, not a cap. Store in a dark and cold place. Take 1 tablespoon of the syrup 3 times a day 30 minutes after eating.