Is it good for my health to stay 3-5 days only on fresh cherries? I expect to have a detoxifying effect and to lose some weight. Should I keep some restrictions in their quantity? Asia T., 28y.

In the context of the current season the otherwise diverse in taste and preferences people, in my experience, start to divide into two types – cherry and strawberry lovers. The cherry group is prevalent and this is not by accident, precisely because there are more vitamins and minerals in the crispy small stone fruits, they provoke fewer allergies and are more suitable for spring detoxification of the organism. Nowadays the hundreds sorts available are divided by color and taste. The deeper the color is, the largest amount of plant pigments are presented in them /carotenoids and anthocyanins/. These are strong anti-oxidants which protect us from aging. Carotenoids improve vision and the skin quality, protect us from the ultraviolet rays and stimulate the production of the skin pigment melanin at the same time. Cyanidin from the group of anthocyanins known also as vitamin P gives the color of the “darker” cherries and improves circulation and the capillary durability.


Cherries contain also vitamin C and important minerals – potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. They have a strong diuretic effect because of their high potassium content. This makes them ideal for detoxification. An interesting American survey announces cherries consumption can be compared to aspirin or other NSAID intake. Their effect against gout and arthritis is well known and the fruit, juice or extract are prescribed often by physicians practicing alternative medicine. Several independent studies find a link between the accelerated muscle recovery and cherry consumption. Marathon athletes who have drunk cherry juice 5 days before and 2 days after a competition recover faster than the others who have taken placebo. Cherries satiate faster and make you feel light and vital because of their high concentration of water and fibers. There are 63 Kcal, 13 g sugars and 2 g fibers in 100 g cherries.

The detoxifying diets are a fast and easy way to clean your body from toxins and to lose around 2 kg. The mean duration of such mono-diet should not be more than 4 days and the feeding period afterwards should be at least 8 days with gradual involvement of the different food groups. Talking about the question whether you should keep quantitative restrictions of the taken amounts of cherries – this is not the most important, but of course you should not eat so much of them that you burst.

The best is to prepare small portions of cherries which to take in periods of 2-3 hours and to increase their detoxifying effect by drinking water in between. The large water intake is the most under evaluated detoxifying method which we can follow every day and independently in our diet. Get rid of stress by yoga, qigong and meditation which are simple and effective ways to settle down pressure and to regenerate.