Sample diet from the nutritionist Dr. Rayna Stoyanova

1st, 2nd and 3rd day: Hypocaloric menu – 800 kcal, distributed in fivefold intake.

Gradually reduce the calories. The sharp transition to a detox diet is not healthy for any organism.

You should not feel hungry during these days, because the frequent eating /in about 3 hours/ and the menu rich in protein (preferably at each meal) will satiate you and give you energy.


4th day: Purifying

This is a day in which only vegetable and fruit juices are consumed, as the restriction is only in the amount – 1.5 to 2 liters.

We start the day with: distilled water with a teaspoon of honey and 2 Tbs. fresh lemon juice. In order to increase the detox effect we add 1-2 Tbs. birch juice and a pinch of red pepper. Below we will call it “hydrating drink for waking up”.

2nd drink – green cocktail

Freshly squeezed juice made of cucumber, celery, spinach, sorrel with 1 tsp. spirulina. This cocktail is rich in vitamin C and affects the removal of toxins and excess fluids.

3rd drink – beet juice with carrot and apple

Beetroot is considered one of the best products for purification.

4th drink – apple juice

Low-calorie, containing a lot of iron, promotes fast recovery of strength, increases the resistance to infections.

5th drink – orange goji berry delight

Freshly squeezed citrus juice with the addition of blended, previously rehydrated goji berry.

SOS juice – in case of sudden hunger: prepare yourselves a super mix of fruits and vegetables with hemp seed and chia that will satiate you in case of sudden hunger and fainting.


 5th day: Purification

We start the day with: hydrating drink for waking up.

2nd drink: Fresh made of ? cm ginger root, 4-5 baby carrots, ? apple.

3rd drink: Fresh made of a bunch of spinach, 4 lettuce leaves, a bunch of parsley, ? cucumber, 6 baby carrots, ? turnip.

4th drink: Fresh made of 3 slices of pineapple with the peel, a bunch of dandelion leaves, 3 red radishes.

5th drink: Fresh made of 1 green apple and 1 stalk of celery.

SOS juice: Fresh made of 3 tufts of broccoli, 4-5 baby carrots, 2 stalks of celery, ? tomato, ? green pepper.

This day is key in the process of purification and weight loss, so it is possible to feel tired and to have a headache. This is normal and is due to the cleansing of the body from the toxins.

6th day: Rejuvenating

We start the day with: first drink – hydrating, for waking up.

2nd drink: super juice of bananas with almond milk and maca root (300 ml).

3rd drink:  fresh of carrots and apples.

4th drink: antioxidant cocktail of tomatoes with basil.

5th drink: hydration with coconut (coconut water – it is found in the large supermarkets or the content of young green coconut).

SOS drink: Soothing herbal tea of chamomile and mint with agave nectar.

The drinks during this day are selected so as to contribute to the natural anti-aging processes.

7th day: Juices

We start the day with: first drink – hydrating, for waking up.

2nd juice: green smoothie (leafy vegetables and apple 300-400 ml).

3rd juice: sunny fresh of citrus with mint (300 ml).

4th juice: soothing aloe cocktail (strawberries, kiwi, mint and aloe vera – 3 Tbs.)

SOS drink: cucumber, apple, ginger, lime and avocado.

8th, 9th, 10th and 11th day – maintaining.

Feeding – the gradual restoration of the normal healthy eating habits is crucial.

8th day

We start the day with: first drink – hydrating, for waking up.

Breakfast: sandwich with cottage cheese and apples (see the recipe here).

Lunch: Turkish shepherd salad (see the recipe here) or vegetarian paella (see the recipe here).

Afternoon meal: banana Berry Nog (see the recipe here).

Dinner: chicken with lemon and capers (see the recipe here).


Coming soon: the regime for the last three days (9th, 10th and 11th) of the detoxifying plan, in

Remember that, before you start whatever new diets for your organism, you should consult a specialist.