So it’s Friday again and the weekend is coming. I offer you to make these rest days healthy…

Although Saturday and Sunday are reserved for rest we often don’t manage to make the most of this time and feel even more tired right before the start of the new week. Most of the young people waste their rest time having bad habits which act upon sleep, stress level, nutrition. So, which are the most frequent mistakes that hinder our rest?

1. Waking up late! Staying late at night and sleeping until lunch time on the next day may lead to fatigue and disrupt the sleep regime for the whole week. It may also disturb our training regime and increase our stress level. It is recommended to try to follow our built regimen during the weekend, with regard to the sleep as well.

2. Following bad habits. Most of the people follow a healthy regime during the working days but when the rest days come they abuse with food, alcohol or devote themselves to other unhealthy activities. They even miss their fitness or yoga hours in the weekend. This time is intended for rest, not for following unhealthy habits.

3. To catch up with work. Many people possess the bad habit to use the weekend to help them with the work for the next week. This is the worst choice we can make.