How to store them for winter in order to be most useful, not to turn rancid and not to develop the invisible but toxic mold on the nuts?

As the season of these favorite from my childhood and infinitely useful nuts comes, I have often been asked this question – whether to peel the skin of the fresh walnuts. The answer is no! Actually, the raw walnut with its skin is the most nourishing. This skin has a slightly bitter taste, so try to get used to it, as more than 90% of walnut anti-oxidants are found exactly in it. As for the storage of walnuts – you can store them in airtight containers in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight. This gives three months of expiration time in case the walnuts are in their shells. After you take out the nuts from their shells, you can store them in the fridge for no more than six months. You can freeze walnuts in airtight container and use them within a year.

Eat a handful of raw and soaked in advance walnuts every day. The American study of the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania confirms the unique nutritional value and usefulness exactly of this shell fruit, whose antioxidant properties surpass many times the data from the other types of nuts such as peanuts, almonds etc. The researchers conclude that a handful of walnuts daily tangibly reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, certain types of cancer, diabetes etc. And it makes it twice more effectively than the other nuts.

According to the team leader Dr. Joe Vinson this is due to the high level of polyphenol content in the walnuts. Polyphenols are chemical compounds which help the organism to get rid of the oxidant molecules that damage its cells. Walnut polyphenols are with such a high quality that their effect is superior from 4 to 15 times to that of vitamin E, known for a long time as a perfect anti-oxidant, says Dr. Vinson. The beneficial effect of walnuts upon the whole organism and especially upon the intellectual capabilities makes them an integral part of the astronauts’ menu.

The recommended handful of walnuts or to be more precise, about 30g, provides 2.6g of polyunsaturated omega-3-fatty acids and entirely covers the body daily needs. Their consumption is especially important for vegetarians because it compensates the shortage arising from the refusal to eat meat. Walnuts are carriers of high-quality protein plus vitamins, minerals, fibers, without containing lactose and gluten. The legendary Mediterranean diet has its healthy effect not only due to olives and olive oil, but also due to the well presented in it walnuts. Bulgarian cuisine is rich in delicious dishes featuring these nuts.

I share one easy “mom’s” recipe suitable for the time of  preparation for my medical exams : fresh walnuts, mixed with honey in a large jar.

Take one tablespoon 2-3 times a day for a good memory. You eat, work hard and pass exams! 🙂