They call the rose hip “queen of herbs” because its benefits for human’s health, tone and nutrition are enormous. A great reserve of high concentration of vitamins, minerals and essential acids is found in a cup of rose hip tea, as well as in rose hip jam. Rose hips have a pleasant taste and are used in traditional medicine and cuisine for ages.

The red berries contain very big amount of vitamin C – up to 1000 times more than citruses per 100g. Through the control in the production of the protein L-carnitine, this important vitamin stimulates fat burning in the muscles and acts as activator of metabolism – it stimulates the production of noradrenaline and increases lipolysis at the same time, i.e. fat burning.

Rose hip is not only an absolute champion in vitamin C content (from 400 to 2000mg per 100g dried fruits) but also is a source of vitamin P or the so called C-complex.


These are different substances – rutin, bioflavonoids, hesperidin and citrine which protect the sensitive towards air vitamin C. As we know well, we intake far less amount of the important vitamin than we think, because the oxidation process destroys it. However, together with vitamin P it becomes stable and is preserved for long time. Again in combination, they strengthen the capillaries, increase organism’s defense and prevent easy bruising.

Other useful substances in the rose hips are carotene (provitamin A), the vitamins B1, B2 and K, lycopene and the minerals iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. The high content of pectin (11%) helps in gastrointestinal complaints, regulates the blood glucose level in diabetes, reduces the hunger feeling in diets and lowers “bad cholesterol”. Rose hips not only maintain our health but also keep youth due to their anti-oxidant richness. Vitamin C not only slows down aging but also takes part in collagen synthesis and despite the constant finding of “revolutionary” substances, it remains one of the best means against wrinkles.

Dark red oil is extracted from the rose hip seeds which contains vitamin A, E and omega-fatty acids. It is used in cosmetics for deep skin nourishing, removal of scars and wrinkle treatment.Quite delicious jams and marmalades, healthy and energizing teas, as well as wine can be prepared from rose hips. You can find rose hip flour on the market’s shelves, which is an excellent dietary product.

Rose hip syrup is particularly suitable for babies and small children and is given as an additive. If you eat wholegrain bread with some butter and rose hip jam for breakfast, you can be sure that you begin a wholesome day.


prepare a refreshing beverage from rose hips that is not boiled. Simply pour a certain amount of the fruits with water and sugar or honey and let it stay for 5-6 days.

Sincerely yours,

Rayna Stoyanova