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In the beginning of pregnancy the energy needs are slightly increased and later only with about 300 kcal per day. Therefore, it is important not to be tempted “to eat for two” but to be careful with your appetite. In a healthy pregnancy regular exercise, swimming and walking help in maintaining the muscle tone and keeping the weight within good limits. If you have a high-risk pregnancy due to previous miscarriages or other risk factors, talk to your physician before starting exercise.


Add vegetables in each meal and exactly these that are a natural source of folates: Brussels sprouts, avocado, asparagus, beets, spinach. Folates are substances that we know in synthetic form as folic acid – necessary for reducing the risk of spina bifida and other defects of the spine.

Nuts and seeds should also be present in the daily menu of the pregnant woman, raw and fresh if possible. They are important source of magnesium which is responsible for proper bone growth, tissue creation and restoration.

From the 14th GW (gestational week) your baby’s thyroid starts to function, so the mother’s organism needs enough iodine. The best sources of iodine are fish and seafood, as well as walnuts.

Between 13-19th GW calcium and vitamin D are the most valuable elements for the baby. Fish and eggs are a good source of vitamin D. The moderate exposure to sun also contributes to vitamin D synthesis. Except for teeth and bones, calcium is responsible for muscle contraction and nerve conduction. The adequate intake of calcium is essential for prevention of high blood pressure during pregnancy and pre-eclampsia. It is important to consume enough dairy products, almonds, dried apricots, figs, beans, lentils, chickpeas and spinach.


It is also very important for the pregnant to choose high-quality, eco-friendly and natural products. In preparing your menu, follow the rule of mild heat treatment – steaming, stewing and baking.

Therefore, if healthy nutrition had not been part of your life before pregnancy, now you have to rethink your priorities and exert maximum efforts in this direction, because the food you consume is the building material for your baby.