Bird eggs are valuable food since ancient times when people survived with hunting and started to adopt birds for the first time. It is interesting scientists noticed drawings of a man carrying trays with ostrich and pelican eggs in an Egyptian pyramid built in 1420.

The word egg is not linked with other but hen egg at our latitude no matter more exotic variants like quail, ostrich or duck egg sneaked recently usually at bigger price.

The most popular hen egg is a natural source of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as it contains 9 of all 21 of them in nature. These facts make it one of the main purchases in Bulgarian basket. It is important to note bird’s life is extremely contributing to the main advantages in the final product – the egg. Free range hens live in nature, with access to clean air, light and much more varied food. They eat grass, bugs, worms etc. thus providing the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins which reflect on egg content. One of the main advantages of the free range eggs is the cholesterol content: 1/3 less than in the others and ? less saturated fats. Their yolks are more yellow as they have up to 7 times more beta carotenes.

Quail on the other side unlike the non-fastidious hen is a gentle creature and eats ‘fine food’, otherwise it cannot survive. Its diet consists of half a dozen foods and special supplements. Quail eggs doesn’t cause allergy in children and adults unlike hens’. They contain ovomucoid protein which suppresses allergy reactions. A drug against allergies (extract of ovomucoid) is made of these eggs.

eggs rsThe reason for the miracle effect of these eggs is their unique content – a lot of phosphorus, iron, microelements and enzymes. They are rich in minerals and vitamins A, B1 and B2. The ratio between sodium and potassium makes them suitable in the treatment of high blood pressure, cardiac problems and anemia. They are recommended also in labile nervous system, lung tuberculosis, diabetes and ulcers. These eggs improve metabolism, tonus, haematopoiesis. Quail eggs can and should be consumed raw because their nutrients remain fully in this way, otherwise they will be lost after thermal preparation. Their use helps in the treatment of gastritis – stomach and duodenum ulcers as well as pancreatitis. The colorful shells, except for the well-known calcium, contain substances necessary for our body like manganese, iodine, cobalt, zinc and iron. 27 microelements are in total – all of them necessary for healthy being. Salmonella and other microorganisms don’t penetrate the shell because of its peculiarities.

I put the ostrich egg in the row after the quail because of the comic contrast size. One such egg contains around 1 kg whole protein with balanced amino acid composition and 300 g yolk, which differs from hen’s with remarkably less cholesterol and less fats. Ostrich eggs are rich in vitamins and microelements, hypo allergic and can be consumed by all ages (from small children to old people). The shell is quite hard, which preserve them for longer period. They are ready to use even after six months of storage in the fridge. Broken yolk and white can be consumed after several days in a closed vessel put in cold place.


Different is the question about duck and goose eggs. They are banned for children and adults should consume them with high attention as these eggs are frequently contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms.

In conclusion eating one hen egg daily is recommended and very important for cell regeneration in the organism. Eggs rich in omega 3 fatty acids are recently offered, received by feeding laying hens with polyunsaturated fats and kelp which additionally helps in prophylaxis against cardiovascular incidences. Quail eggs are preferred in therapeutic feeding of weak children and adults populating mainly ecologically disadvantaged areas. Children are given 1 to 5 eggs per day depending on their age, adults – 3-5 eggs per day in the morning on fasting. It’s better to take them raw with hot water. The intake should be constant for 3-4 months. The favorable impact on the body is seen just after two weeks.

Always prefer free range hen eggs from bio farms no matter the difference in the price as the bitter truth is that price saving is at the expense of quality and even we pay for the harm.