“What is goji berry beneficial for and in what form? Is there an analogue among the Bulgarian fruits? /a reader’squestion/


Goji berry is a plant, relative of potato, tomato and chili pepper, part of the solanaceae family. Chinese, Mongols and Tibetans grew up this alkaline plant around 5 thousand years ago because of its exceptional nutritional value, strong red-orange color and pleasant rich taste.

It is dried to a state close to raisin in order to preserve the fruit. Chinese strongly believe it prolongs life span.

The famous Li Qing Yuen a legend who popularize goji berry and ginseng and who is said to have lived for 252 years, consumed this fruit. His life is the most documented case for exceptional longevity. Even if this is a myth, it demonstrates the established connection between goji berry and long life.

Goji berry is adaptogen or a substance with combined therapeutic effect on human body. The main useful feature of these small fruits is to feed the body and to maintain the ability of the organism to cure itself as they provide many nutritional substances.

There are 360kcal, carbohydrates 68%, proteins 12%, fats 10% and fibers 10% in 100g. It is a source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Here are the main substances in this super food:

Polysaccharides – have many functions, among which improvement of the structure of gut epithelium, increase in mineral utilization, regulation of blood glucose levels, lowering pH, thus reducing the risk of colon cancer, stimulation of the immune system. They also have anti-oxidative and anti-aging effects.

Beta carotene – carotenoid presented in red-orange colored foods like squash, carrots, salmon and goji berry. Beta carotene is the main element in the synthesis of the fat-soluble vitamin A, which participates in the proper development of the organism, good vision, cell structure, strength of bones, dents and skin.

Zeaxanthin – carotenoid which plays a central role as a retinal pigment;

Vitamin C – goji berry has high content of this vitamin (20mg per 100g) the same as in oranges;


Selenium – with prominent anti-oxidative effect and its content equals the daily needs;

Iron – participates in many metabolic processes, but above all is an indispensable constituent of hemoglobin. The lack of iron in the organism leads to iron-deficiency anemia. Goji berry is believed to have the highest iron content amongst plants;

Zinc – goji berry can be a source of 20% of the daily needs for zinc which in turn participates in synthesis of proteins, DNA and more than 100 enzymes. It is a key factor in many basic cell functions;

Calcium – main constituent of dents and bones, an element with numerous functions, important ion in cardiac function, neural conduction and muscle activity respectively, hormonal and enzyme exchange, transport of substances across the cell membrane as well. Goji berry contains 8-10% of the daily needs for calcium.

Potassium – except for being an electrolyte and enzyme co-factor, potassium used as sodium substitute in our dietary regime can lower the high blood pressure permanently.

The intensity of goji berry with micronutrients and phytochemicals makes it a food supplement with very high nutritional value and positive influence on cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, some types of cancer, diabetes, premature aging, memory deficits, degenerative processes of vision, pulmonary problems, fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia, dizziness and tinnitus.

Moreover, this super food helps in longevity and increases libido as natural aphrodisiac.


Fruits can be directly consumed or put in foods and drinks because of their pleasant taste. Recommendatory daily dose is no more than 40g (divided in two intakes in the morning and evening before meal) for a period of 2-3 months. In cases of gastritis goji berry can be soaked in advance in water in order to be rehydrated and to get soft. For digestion regulation it is directly consumed. For lowering of blood glucose and blood pressure the fruits are poured with hot water, steamed and consumed together with the water extract. Usual dose is 10-20g per day divided in three intakes.

Goji berry tea is recommended for vision improvement, and goji berry and Chinese Lemon tree tea – for liver purification and protection from obesity. Alcohol extracts of goji berry are good for improving potency.

Goji berry can be compared with Bulgarian rose hip in its effects.


Unique complex of natural vitamin A and essential fatty acids ( Omega-3 and Omega-6) can be found in brier fruits in combination with vitamin C and powerful anti-oxidants – flavonoids as well as vitamin E which make skin strong, elastic and youthful looking. These substances eliminate symptoms of its aging considerably.


Here is the interview with me, as well as some ideas for healthy recipes with goji berry:

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