Do you feel indifferent…gloomy, sad…. or you’re not lucky…yes, it’s true – you can’t be perfect every day … – a wise man in my eyes yesterday recalled me about Yin and Yang and the pendulum principle in our daily activity. Nature is a force of different energies, but has its own regularities – the happy hormones are produced in certain conditions and if you are aware of their secret we can get plenty of them:

Serotonin /the happiness hormone/ – produces the sense of welfare, regulates the biorhythms, increases the sexual desire and pain threshold.

How to obtain it: from products containing the amino acid tryptophan – chocolate or even better raw cacao beans, eggs, figs, bananas, turkey meat etc. Tryptophan is best absorbed late in the evening. In other words said – eating chocolate before sleep is not a crime against your body but a guaranty for a good mood.

Oxytocin /the trust hormone/ – manages the whole process of birth delivery; it’s a pain killer, stimulates lactation, provokes devotion feelings, neutralizes stress. Researches show oxytocin make people more communicative and well-intentioned.

How to obtain it: talking with friends, relatives, children and animals; caring for flowers and mainly sex, especially during orgasm.

Endorphins – as the name shows, they are sort of drugs which are produced by our body in certain conditions. They make us energetic and optimistic, increase libido, act as a pain killer, and possess even anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties.

How to obtain them: with sport, when we are successful – for example finding the best solution in a tight situation; pregnancy; falling in love, laughter and sex are all sources of endorphins. Researches show endorphin production is increased several times in the presence of ultraviolet light which explains why some women are addicted to solarium.

I leave the conclusion for you!