The green smoothie gains more and more popularity, as a part of the green wave which swept the world, and the good thing is except for being “trendy” it is really healthy. Ii is a combination of various green leafy vegetables, sprouts, algae, spices, citruses and other fruits which are ground to very fine particles – like green shake without milk. There are lots of variations of the drink, but the green leafs are the base. Green smoothies promise a lot, which makes them irresistibly attractive if you want to get fit:

1. Improve the absorption of healthy substances

2. Reduce the appetite for sweet food

3. Give instant energy

4. Regulate digestion

5. Help in detoxification of the body

6. Make you feel “fresh” and “light”

7. Add in following a reasonable diet

8. Perfect for people who don’t like vegetables in the form of salads

The intake of the green drink looks like panacea but it has its hidden side like every approach in nutrition and should not be taken as a generally valid theory.

Зелено смути
Green smoothie

Oxalates, which abound in the green leafs, are substances which can play a negative role in people who are prone to kidney stone formation and can hinder the proper absorption of calcium. Other substances in the green leafs can interfere with the absorption of iodine – so the function of the thyroid can be deranged. The smoothies which are a mix of fruits and vegetables are great, but most of the vitamins and phytoelements in them depend on fats for proper transportation and absorption. This problem is easily solved if you add some coconut butter, avocado or olive oil. In order to make a balanced protein juice, which is important for people with unstable blood glucose levels, add almond milk, yoghurt, linseed, hemp seed – all of them a good source of protein. Talking about the healthy amount of the healing drink, there are no definite restrictions and it will be great if you substitute one meal with one glass per day but not adding the drink to the daily menu.

The work of the gall bladder is to store and concentrate the bile which is produced by the liver. Bile or bile juice is excreted when fats are present in the gastrointestinal tract and is released in the small intestine. Lecithin, which is contained in the bile, breaks down fats and then the enzymes breaks them additionally so they can pass through the intestinal wall.

Bile juice (bile) is a green mixture which contains water, lecithin, cholesterol, bile acids and minerals and it is vital for health. In bile problems the green smoothie is not advisable as the green leafy vegetables are a natural stimulant for gall bladder contraction and consecutive painful crisis.