(22 October 2016, “24 hours”)

In the season of colds and flu it is really very important to pay attention to the way of eating – one of the determining factors for fast recovery, strengthening of the immune system and prevention of complications.

Although when we get sick the last thing we think about is food, its role in fact is very important.

Let’s begin with the fact that when we are sick our body needs a lot more calories than usual. The metabolism is increased by 7% with each degree increase in the temperature. Despite the lack of appetite, eating even of small servings and hydration are a key for fast recovery. Beverages should be on first place in the menu of the cold sufferers. Liquids are a perfect ally in the fight against colds. During the illness it is good to drink at last 2-3 l of fluids, as the slightly sour products are recommended – tea with lemon, water with lemon, chicken soup with lemon.


Chicken broth is rich in the contained in the chicken meat amino acid cysteine, which supports the dilution of secretions that accumulate in the upper respiratory tract. I pay attention to one important point in the preparation of the healing drinks – vitamin C, which is found in citruses, is easily destroyed from oxygen and high temperature, but its maximum preservation is of great importance for the immune forces.

That’s why it is good to wait for some time before adding the lemon juice to the strongly hot tea or soup, and the fresh juices from citruses are good to be drunk right after their preparation.

Another food that helps in cold is honey – eat it directly from the jar – thus its anti-inflammatory action will fully manifest upon the mouth and the throat. Honey also soothes the cough.


Stress on garlic which is full of antioxidants and is a natural “antibiotic” in the fight against the enemies of the immune system.

Obtain ginger – the tea from it is a perfect antimicrobial mean which restores strength and removes the toxins from the body.

When we are sick we should not additionally overload the work of the liver with alcohol consumption. A glass of wine during a meal is an exception, as wine provides us with antioxidants and heats the organism from inside, but definitely the intake of concentrates is not allowed. It is not good to consume foods which have undergone too long heat treatment, fatty foods and those that require too long digestion.

It is also very important to pay attention to the quality and quantity of the sleep when we are sick. The inadequate rest is a predisposition for extension of the disease period.


And something about the teeth – it is compulsory to change our toothbrush after recovering from an infection even it was brand new. The pathogenic microbes stay comfortably in the brushes and may enter the body again after some time.