Do you know kissing begins with a right bending of the head?

80% of the people bend to this side when they prepare for intimacy with a partner and the moment of burst comes afterwards, caused by the touching lips, which are at least 200 times more sensitive than the fingers!

During the act of kissing around 18 ml of saliva is exchanged according to most of the dentists I asked. It is full of microbes, of course, but at least 95% of them are fully harmless.

Kisses lower the mouth’s acidity, so instead of chewing a gum after meal, a kiss can lower the risk for caries!

If you kiss passionately, not formal, the adrenals release adrenalin so rapid breathing, fluttering heart and palms and neck sweating are present. Kisses also lead to oxytocin release from the hypophysis which gives rise to devotional feelings and in the long run – love…but do you know one long passionate kiss can burn around 100 calories…