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I want to share my impressions about one relatively new product on our market: cookies NUCITA – macaroons with more than 50% walnuts.

NUCITA macaroons are with glycemic index of 16, contain walnuts (over 50%), xylitol, protein and resistant starch.


Walnuts help in reducing cholesterol level and the risk of cardiovascular diseases, regulate intestinal passability, maintain the joints healthy and keep the good appearance of the skin. The high amount of healthy fats (omega-3) and fibers contributes to easier satiety compared to the other types of “breakfasts”.

Another advantage is the high content of magnesium, which help in reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome. There is also evidence which links the relatively high levels of magnesium with high degree of protection against type 2 diabetes.


Xylitol is a natural sweetener, produced through natural fermentation of corn cobs and used as a sugar substitute as it does not affect insulin levels. Thus it may act as e preventive agent against metabolic pathology. Xylitol has a very low glycemic index – 7, compared to that of sugar – 70 or glucose – 100.

The resistant starch acts as dietary fibers protecting the esophageal lining and contributes to faster transformation of fats into energy.

NUCITA – studies


After the clinical trials, conducted at the National Institute of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases “Prof. Dr. N. Paulescu”, it is demonstrated that the change in the postprandial blood glucose level after consumption of 25, 50 and 125g of Nucita shows insignificant values in comparison to the change of postprandial blood glucose level after glucose consumption. The results give medical grounds the product to be recommended for nutritional regimen of diabetics, in weight-loss and any other diet.


Nutritional value of one portion of 4 biscuits:

One portion

(4 cookies = 25g)


Recommended Daily Dose of the nutrients and calories for an adult with mean body weight on the basis of diet with 200kcal daily

Individual needs may vary depending on gender, age, physical activity and other factors.





3,75 g


Carbohydrates 2,5 g 1%
Fibers 2 g 8%
Lipids 10,7 g 15%
Polyunsaturated fats 7,7 g 7,7%
Omega 3 fats 1,2 g
Xylitol 6 g
Magnesium 30 mg 8%

The cookies may be found in the bigger supermarket chains, as well as in some pharmacies.


Rayna Stoyanova