How to lose weight safely with maple syrup? My colleague lost 10 kg for ten days but he was feeling bad all the time. /a reader from Varna, V., 31y./



Maple syrup is a sweetener which is derived from the juice of sugar maple. There is data for its use from the Indians before Columbus discovered America. In 18th century maple sugar production is reduced, as the mass cultivation of sugar cane started. The latter was easier to grow and was cheaper.  Sugar maple grows only in North America. The maple syrup produced in Canada has unique properties –it contains sweet glucose produced from the tree and large amounts of valuable microelements instead of sucrose which is quite harmful. 80% of the maple syrup in the World is produced in the Canadian province Quebec.

1l syrup is gained from an average of 40l of juice. In the real maple syrup no preservatives, colorants and flavors are added and it is extremely rich in calcium, potassium and iron.

This healing sweetener is preferred from people who are concerned about the intake of calories as it is 100% free of fats and is fully organic. Maple syrup can substitute sugar in all fields of application – as a sweetener for hot drinks and baked pasta. It can be added not only to sweet meals, but also to meat and vegetable ones.

The maple syrup contains more than 20 anti-oxidants, for which many researches showed effectiveness against cancer diseases and has a strong antibacterial potential as well. According to the most innovative physicians and scientists cancer diseases are caused by fungi and the treatment is with a solution of sodium bicarbonate and maple syrup. The explanation is the following – cancer cells like sugar, that’s why they intake the maple syrup fast, but the taken sodium bicarbonate in the solution acts as a cyanide as it is strongly alkaline. This process allows much more oxygen to enter the cells and thus destroys them.

Besides all this, maple elixir is rich in natural minerals like zinc, thiamine, and calcium, and numerous biologically active substances, beneficial for health. The high concentration of phytohormones, particularly abscisic acid, is a natural defense against the development of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The diet Master Cleanse, which the reader probably has in mind, includes fresh squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water and is an effective method for fast and notable weight loss through cleansing the body from pesticides, and chemical food additives. This program can be followed in different manners. In the full detox, this drink is consumed only for 10 days up to two weeks. The beginners are advised to follow the diet for only six days. The easy program includes consumption of one cup of the drink 3-4 times a day before meal.

Another variant is the program “Meal substitution” in which one or two meals is substituted with 2-3 cups of the drink. The detox program “Once a week” is a regimen in which the drink is taken once a week, but during the whole day. The general program includes application of the full program two times during the year for several days and the program “Once a week” every week without omission.

Don’t forget that the faster you try to lose weight, the easier is to have yo-yo effect. If the reduction of kilograms is made step by step, the risk of restitution and even gaining more kilograms is lowered. Still common practice among some dieticians is to recommend to their patients the so called healing fasting which applied outside clinical conditions could be quite dangerous. Fasting is recommended when a man is under specialized medical supervision in order to avoid the development of certain diseases and the approach should be individualized in each case. The eating habits and the health condition should be examined (presence of diseases, allergies, physical state) which are of upmost importance for creating a diet.

The maintenance of certain kilograms passes through two stages – a permanent change of the eating habits towards a healthy model and gradual and dosed transition to the usual model of eating under the supervision of a specialist.