It’s Monday, and two days ago I said I’m on a diet from Monday!! I have to start from today…

I wake up in the morning, highly motivated that whatever happens I won’t eat any junk food, I will follow strictly my new diet that I found on the internet:

10:00 Oat bread with curd

13:00 Salad with chicken

16:00 A handful of raw almonds

19:30 I go home quite hungry and eat everything I see in the fridge and forget what I’ve told to myself two days ago….And the diet, I’ll start it next Monday.

How many times have you started a diet in such a way? How many times have you given up?

Change your thinking, proper nutrition is not a diet, it’s a way of living! Be honest with yourselves and start your mental change in order to have a physical one! My name is Hope and I have started such a diet, blaming, threatening, motivating myself, but rapidly losing stimulus until I changed my thinking. The change from within began to show on the outside. I feel happy for no particular reason, just feeling alive and capable. Accidentally, I infect the people around me with happiness thus giving the others my experience! I want to share this and people to be happy. Try it 🙂