The theme affects me quite personally, because in spite of my work and the messages I give to my patients every day, rather often I feel powerless to help myself.

Until recently, besides “being a doctor”, I was also working in one American company where I was confronted with the corporate lifestyle. And this really is a way of living – a corporate culture that obsesses and “La Dolce Vita” is not happening at all. Hurrying to do all the tasks that the others around me wanted, I postponed my own needs indefinitely, and thus a discrepancy between me and the outside world was accumulating with each day. This asymmetry led to a strange feeling of incompleteness.

Hurrying, I forgot my own rituals which helped me enjoy life, because what is life if not a series of small workday blisses.


I was forgetting my breakfast, drinking coffee at a run, and “Junk food on foot” was often the only option for meal. The Americanized way of working, no matter how much I don’t want to admit, leads to imitation of the bad habits of Yankees too. The hectic and stressful daily round takes possession of the people and makes them forget the simple rules of balanced nutrition and natural lifestyle.

For sure, you have colleagues who run round quickly for a sandwich or bring it from home. Instead of going to lunch, they eat it in a hurry in front of the PC with one hand, while they don’t stop clicking the mouse with the other. The more tough cases do not find lunch so important to divert them from their urgent tasks for the day. Not to mention the ladies on a diet who think that they solve the problem of overweight with starvation while in practice they intensify it.


Skipping lunch is a mistake that leads to more serious disorders:

  • Fasting at lunch usually causes voracious appetite, satisfied with abundant dinner.
  • Skipping a main course may lead to slow-down of metabolism and other problems with digestion.
  • Lunch starvation lowers blood glucose level and may cause dizziness, impaired concentration and fatigue.
  • Malnutrition reduces efficiency, even if you refuel with high doses of caffeine.


There is no way the lunch in front of the PC to be healthy, no matter what you eat. Multitasking (doing several things simultaneously) sometimes leads to satisfactory results at work, but in terms of nutrition it is always harmful. In this line of thoughts, lunch break should be fully utilized to eat without doing anything else. And believe me, the world doesn’t end for an hour, on the contrary, after a wholesome meal it becomes significantly more beautiful.

If we take full advantage of the one-hour lunch break, we will see for ourselves how more productive we can be and how much better we will feel.

Remember that by paying this time for us, we retrieve ourselves and go back within the margins of our comfort that has been endangered so far. And there is nothing bad in this. Let’s not allow the busy everyday life draw us in its roundabout and make our days similar, boring, difficult and uninteresting.

And here is a simple, but really tested original list of health advices for the occupied ladies:

  1. Go to the grocery store only when you have enough time and always bring a list.
  2. Park your car farther away from the store/workplace.
  3. Always climb the stairs.
  4. Avoid processed foods which contain artificial flavors, dyes or sweeteners.
  5. Try to prepare your food whenever you have the opportunity.
  6. Have always enough stocks of hard-boiled eggs, quinoa, beans and chicken in the fridge, ready for use at any time.
  7. Start your day with green smoothie, and why not with yoghurt.
  8. Add a salad of fresh products for dinner every evening.
  9. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables between the meals, when you feel hunger.
  10. Drink water throughout the day to stop dehydration.
  11. Bring raw nuts or fruits with you for unexpected hunger.
  12. Replace carbonated drinks with kombucha tea or coconut water.
  13. Reach for dried fruits or dark chocolate whenever you feel like something sweet.
  14. Perform a yoga pose between the tasks or meetings.
  15. Do not consume caffeine after 02:00 p.m.
  16. Do stretching exercises while watching TV.
  17. Add probiotics to the menu.
  18. Sleep at least 7 hours.

Learning to easily abandon the forcing thoughts and to pay attention to ourselves every day with a smile is hard to master and requires practice.

The road to the cherished La Dolce Vita is long but it’s worth trying.