The question is quite interesting and provocative. The reader probably likes desserts and wonders which is more useful or less harmful. In order to answer to this dilemma, I should reveal some culinary details in the preparation of both desserts. Parfait is a French dessert with creamy or jelly consistence which is usually made of milky-cream base with eggs and sugar. Its energy value isn’t at all low – around 500 kCal per normal serving of 150 g, as most of the calories come from fats – around 380 kCal. There are low-calorie variations of course – fruit parfaits for example whose energy value reaches 300 Kcal or the specially prepared diet parfaits which can be made with low-fat milk or coconut cream and sweetener like stevia for example.

Парфе или кекс?
Parfait or cake?

Talking about cake, there is always flour in it. The dessert can be lenten or vegan, but the classic one has milk, different jams, eggs, sugar and cooking oil together with the flour. A serving of around 80 g has around 300 kCal and most of the energy comes from carbohydrates – in other words said from the flour-sugar compound which is basic. The cake can be transformed into a healthy one, as every food – you may replace flour with wholegrain one or additionally mixed with oat and/or wheat bran and hemp or pea protein. You can use honey or agave nectar instead of sugar and dried fruits as an alternative to jam. Thus its caloric value decreases, as well as the glycemic index and it may turn into a balanced breakfast, especially if combined with yoghurt, for instance.

Both desserts and all table luxuries are one of the most popular enemies of the small waist. Our bodies need daily energy given by carbohydrates to function properly, but not in such enormous quantities, which are consumed nowadays. The developed big industry for sugar products: candies, chocolate, cakes, pastries, ice cream, sweetened drinks is growing constantly to the delight of traders and to the dismay of scientists and doctors. The consumption rises and the damages rise too: diabetes, caries, arthritis, nervous diseases. So facing the question “Parfait or cake?” – my answer is – an apple or any seasonal fruit, or a handful of pre-soaked raw nuts and dried fruits.