Q: Does pectin help in losing weight? How is it most correctly to use it as detoxifying agent?

A: The answer of the first question is yes – pectin is considered a suitable additive in dietary regimens for losing weight. The reason is, it slows down the digestive processes and creates a satiety feeling.

Pectin belongs to the group of the soluble vegetable fibers and plays an indispensable role as a ballast substance for human organism. It is almost indigestible and only a small part of it is broken down by bacteria which are usual habitants of the gut.

Several medical studies show, that including pectin in the diet of patients with impaired lipid metabolism, could lower the cholesterol concentration in blood with 5 to 15%, as this does not affect the levels of the “good” cholesterol – lipoproteins with high density (HDL).

Furthermore, the healthy fibers have the property to slow down stomach emptying and this hinders the sudden rise of blood glucose levels after carbohydrate food intake. Pectin improves peristalsis and the regular passage by irritating the nerve endings in the gut.

Talking about the detoxifying properties of these fibers, it is important to mention there are two main types of pectinhigh and low esterified.

The low esterified has the property to bind heavy metals inside the gastrointestinal tract and helps in their removal. This binding is not strictly specific and together with them, pectin binds minerals valuable for the organism like iron, calcium, copper and zinc.

High esterified pectin, which is on the market, unlike the low esterified, practically does not lower the absorption of minerals in the food and has no impact on their balance in the organism. But exactly the low esterified pectin is included in diets for people who are exposed to heavy metals and is used as detoxifying agent.


Fruits are a natural source of pectin. The highest concentration is found in apples, quinces and citrus fruits, as 0.5g pectin is obtained from eating 0.5kg apples. Another known and very useful source of pectin is apple cider vinegar which is also rich in organic acids with appetite suppressing and alkalizing action.

My favorite way to consume pectin is at breakfast in the original recipe of the famous natural healer prof. Mermerski and includes yoghurt, 1-2 tsp. pectin from apple/ or a combination of pectin and inulin/, 1-2tbs. honey, cinnamon, 5 walnuts and 10-15 drops propolis.


This tasty and boosting meal clears your body from toxins, heavy metals and others harmful substances, regulates the lipid metabolism and the heart function, strengthens the immune system and is especially suitable for the cold months.

Try it and be healthy!