“When angels kiss us, it smells of cinnamon around us.”

December comes and goes like dreams. Every year, we ask ourselves: when did it come again. December is all in one – the coldest and the warmest month; the most full of people and the loneliest; an end and a beginning at the same time. It is a month full of miracles, magic and angels. Actually miracles exist not only around Christmas but we don’t see them in the course of the year. We don’t notice the little pleasant moments in our dynamic days. Our busy everyday life has dulled our senses so even the obvious becomes invisible for us.

Festive spirit, positive thoughts, goodwill, awaken values they all provoke us to stretch a hand, but not to clench a fist, to use our words for love, but not for threads, to touch with love but not with hatred.

So open your hearts for Christmas, say “hello” to a stranger, help a mother with a pram to get off the bus, hug a fallen child no matter it’s not yours. Dream honestly and for real… not for material things – dream about slow walks, nice evenings and long mornings. Dreams actually give reason to our life.

Inspiring Christmas recipe for “flat belly”. These cookies combine perfectly with coffee and you will receive the taste of happiness!

Cookies with raisins and walnuts

2 cookies – 216 kcal

A portion of 9-10 cookies


30 g finely crushed walnuts

30 g raisins

1 mashed banana

60 g oats for oatmeal

40 ml olive or sunflower oil

1 Tbs. agave or honey syrup

1 Tbs. vanilla extract

Way of preparation:

Heat the oven to 190oC. Mix the ingredients in a bowl. Slightly grease the baking pan with oil and pour the mixture with a spoon (one tablespoon for a cookie). Slightly press the dough (cookies will spread a little during baling). Bake 15-20 min till golden.