Many busy people are ready to practically sell their souls to learn the secret of success in losing weight. Do you know one of the most popular phrases in Google is: How to lose weight? …and millions of answers and ways come.

Well, I can’t agree with any of them, but I’ll try to debunk the three most basic myths in losing weight that people often become victims of:

Myth № 1: Count the calories!

Unfortunately weight loss is not a simple mathematical formula of calories. Counting the calories makes sense by itself, but the origin of these calories is the main thing that matters. In other words said, the calories from the pack of pretzels may be even less than those of one egg, but the carbohydrates from the paste product are those that will turn in fats if you don’t burn them. The caloric restriction, moreover, slows down metabolism and most often leads to short-term results.



Myth № 2: Avoid fats!

This was the principle of the diets in the 80s and 90s – the fashion of “fat-free”, “low-fat”, “no fat”, “cholesterol-free” labels on the products. Fats are replaced with chemicals, sugars, salt, etc. This leads to the production of more low-calorie foods, but they will never fill you up, like classic lasagna for example. When consuming fats as a part of your usual meal, they reduce the absorption of the whole food, or in other words said – it will be absorbed more slowly and you’ll feel full for longer. Again the quality matters – it is important to eat the proper fats, at the right time, in the right way.



Myth № 3: If I exercise, I don’t have to worry about my nutrition!

Classic delusion that makes you spend hours in the gym in order to “spend the ice cream from last night”. It sounds like a perfect strategy, so you can consume your favorite foods, but in fact it doesn’t work. Metabolism recalculates the activities and gets desensitized about the (over)consumption of calories.

Blue Weights, Green Apple, and Tape Measure