Proteins are very important for the organism in the morning.

Boil an egg for breakfast. It may be fried. This is especially true for children. Who eat eggs in the morning – will not feel hunger until lunch. Moreover, the lunch will be much more modest than usual.

Just the organism feels more satiated and the ingested calories are with 70-80 less for children and 100-120 for adults. All this is because of the satiety feeling and the lack of tension. Studies were made at the University of Pennsylvania, where a team led by Dr. Tanya King has conducted several studies of children and adults.


The aim of the experiment was the fight against obesity and overweight. Corpulence is most harmful for children, so scientists are looking for ways to deal with this problem without imposing heavy diets and restrictions. Several months of tests showed that the egg is compulsory in the morning. The toast of bread (from wholegrain one) is the second recommended element of breakfast. Add a peach and a glass of milk with 1% fat content and you will get the perfect combination.

Children intake average daily 1800 calories. The mentioned breakfast with egg will easily lead to reduction of 70 to 100 calories only from the lunch, which is about 7-8 % of the total volume. The same is true for the adults. Thus both children and adults will start the day with healthy eating and full of energy.