Compensated cirrhosis means the liver is very fibrotic (scarred – another term which is used) but still performs most of its important functions in the body.

Many people with compensated cirrhosis have few or no symptoms and can live without complications for many years.

It is important to know however, the progression of HCV disease /hepatitis C/ is not linear; i.e. the process is speeded up with the development of the disease. So it is crucial patients to make the necessary steps in order to be sure they receive the appropriate medical care which may include anti-HCV therapy – to stop or slow down the disease process.

Your nutritional regime should include fruits, vegetables, wholegrain foods, dairy products with low-fat content, lean meat, domestic birds (chicken, turkey), fish, eggs, nuts and beans. Diet should be with low content of saturated fats, trans fats, salt, added sugar and cholesterol.

1. Eat less but frequently. The control over the servings is important, because the intake of large amounts of food may impair digestion. It’s better to have a three course diet with small servings and two well-balanced middle courses in between. Thus, when the time for the next meal comes, you won’t be so hungry and the chance to overeat is less.

2. Be careful with fats. People with your problem should avoid fatty and fried foods. Products like mayonnaise and sauces can be problematic as well.

3. Focus on fibersWholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables are recommended – they release their energy slowly and satiate for a longer time.

4. Wholegrain foods and  fruits and vegetables are also recommended – they release energy slowly and satiate for longer.

5. Prefer medium-fat probiotic products. Yoghurt is a natural source of useful bacteria, choose one with medium fat – you can consume 1-1 ? bowl daily.

6. Avoid all forms of grapefruit and all drinks which contain significant amount of grapefruit juice. Read the labels and forget about the foods sweetened with fructose. The latter can be toxic for your condition.

7. Water intake – moderate water intake and diluted fruit juices with less sugar and no fructose are recommended.


8. Don’t restrict proteins. The restriction leads to lack of proteins, loss of muscle mass and edema formation. You can consume one meat meal per day which is well prepared and cut to small pieces. Thus you will receive the necessary proteins. It is good to take protein supplement as a middle course 2 or 3 times daily.

9. Do not give in to the desire to taste your favorite foods. They will only worsen the symptoms and discomfort.

10. Alcohol in all its forms is absolutely forbidden.

Take care!

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