“In fact, if there is anything I love the most in this World – it is the roasted pumpkin…” says Dushko Dobrodushko from Elin Pelin’s story “The baked pumpkin” – a favorite reading which always makes my heart warm and comfortable.

Pumpkin is a fruit vegetable, actually, known since ancient times for its healing properties. It is a source of vitamins B, C, E, PP, T, K which are rarely found but speed up metabolism. It is rich in vitamin A, of course, which is a well-known anti-oxidant. The low caloric value /around 17 kCal per 100 g/, the high pectin content and the strong diuretic effect, make pumpkin quite useful for people with metabolic disorders, edemas and overweight.

There are many ways to prepare it. My favorite one is with honey, walnuts and cinnamon. Shared with a good company and heart-warming talks – let this be my wish for your perfect day!

Happy&Healthy вторник с дъх на канела
Tuesday with a scent of cinnamon