Why in Western Europe water with pH greater than 8 is not recommended for consumption, but there are no such recommendations here in Bulgaria?

pH is a measure of the activity of hydrogen ions in a solution, and respectively its acidity or alkalinity. pH is also a scale for measurement of acidity or alkalinity of solutions. It varies between 0 and 14. Water solutions with pH less than 7 are acidic and solutions with pH greater than 7 are alkaline (basic). If the solution has pH = 7, it is neutral. pH of the stomach juice is around 2, coke – 2.5, orange juice – 3.5, beer – 4.5, coffee – 5, milk – 6.5, ammonia – 11.5, bleach – 12.5, caustic soda – 13.5.

The optimal pH concerning water is in the range between 7 and 8. Water with pH above 8 is alkaline. It helps neutralizing the acidity in the organism which in turn is linked with most of the pathologic processes. Generally, alkalizing the body is always preferred, but it rarely occurs only by choosing such waters. Usually a change in the diet and nutritional habits is needed as well. Talking about Bulgaria, it is recommended to rotate mineral, spring and table water, or in other words said – variety and balance in the selection of waters as well.

Regards, Dr. Stoyanova