Is it better instead of water to drink all day homemade lemonade – water with some lemon slices or lemon juice and fresh mint, about 1.5-2 l? Can it do any harm? (a reader’s question)

“Lemonade” with mint and lemon is a great way to vary the flavor and the appearance of the otherwise boring water, without adding extra calories.

Lemon is a proven healthy fruit because of the antibacterial, antiviral and immunostimulating action. It helps in regulating the weight, has the property to improve digestion and acts slightly draining. The structure of lemon juice is similar to that of saliva and hydrochloric acid which is the main digestive juice in the stomach and a stimulator of the liver to produce bile, which is necessary in digestion.


Lemons are rich in minerals and vitamins and helps in eliminating the toxins and other unwanted elements from the body and the digestive system. The sour citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C – the most important stimulant of our immune system, and also important for the absorption of iron in the organism. The abundance of potassium on the other hand helps in regulating the blood pressure. Lemons in ayurvedic medicine are mucus-reducing fruit, in other words – they reduce the amount of mucus and sebum that is produced in the body. Despite the strongly sour taste of this citrus, it is one of the most alkalizing foods and assists for the regulation of the acid-base balance /pH/ in the organism. Another modern trend in dietetics – alkaline nutrition is based precisely on this principle – each imported food in our body changes the acid-alkaline environment – if we eat food with acidic pH this means that we import acidity. Lemons contain citric and ascorbic acid, these weak acids are easily processed by the body and the mineral content of lemons is allowed to alkalize the blood, in other words said to be used for the formation of bases which to neutralize the acids imported by other foods.

Mint, in turn, is one of the best known and most widely used by the Bulgarians herbs in various forms – the more traditional – as a drink (tea) and the newer ones – as part of supplements and oils. According to the latest data, mint enhances the action of bile which the organism uses to break down and absorb fat.

Meanwhile, the herb soothes the stomach muscles. These actions facilitate digestion and reduce the release of gases – the most common cause of stomach heaviness.

In conclusion, if there is at least one simple ritual, to which it would be great for your health to get used to, it is to consume water in whatever form – with mint, with lemon, with other citruses or with ginger – the variations are a lot. It is simple and the benefits are so numerous that it’s worth the effort.


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