People often think regular sex leads to weight loss.

Actually, quite few calories are burnt during sex. If you practice it for an hour, you can spend maximum 250kcal of energy. The energy consumption during an orgasm is 400kcal per hour, but the ecstasy continues only 15sec. Theoretically, you have to practice sex night and day without rest and caloric intake with food in order to get slim. The regular sex life can speed up your metabolism and the mechanism is not in the physical activity but in the normalization of mental functions. The sexually frustrated people often compensate with excessive food intake. Regular sex leads to reduction of the needs of caloric intake with food.

Statistical data from US sexologists show people with irregular sex life are more obese. During carnal amusements a big number of muscles are involved and many hormones, which have positive influence on health, are released.

Regular sex life also fights stress, strengthens immunity, rejuvenates and beautifies. So, devote more time to your beloved one but don’t rely on this as a measure for maintenance of a good figure! On the contrary, sport can lead to increased libido and make you more flexible, plastic and confident during your intimate relations.

Секс за отслабване?
Sex for losing weight?