We have all experienced this: The alarm starts ringing early in the morning, but the brain is still in a lethargic nap. We stretch ourselves as a reflex and press the “Snooze” button again and again in order to steal ten more minutes of sleep. Probably you suppose already the snooze button is not the best solution to increase your nap and it is even harmful. You will be surprised what a big damage you inflict on your sleep and thus ruin your whole day.

Pressing the button damages the deep sleep stage. This is the most recoverable phase of sleep, contributing to our adequacy during the day – Michael Breus says. This sleep stage occurs short before we wake up naturally (or the so called sleeping) and the alarm usually deprives us of the whole cycle of deep sleep. But pressing the “Snooze” button again and again is even more harmful because after each pressing we drop off to a short nap and start a new cycle of deep sleep. Our brain gets confused after this is repeated several times and we have problems with concentration, productivity and sober judgment the whole day.

The solution of this problem is going to sleep in time in order to have enough sleep during the night, getting up right after the alarm starts without pressing the “Snooze” button. You will avoid being late in this way, which I’m sure happens at least 1-2 times per week.