Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is a natural substance which has the property to balance pH of body fluids. Physiological acidity of blood is 7.35-7.45 which guarantees health and immune system stability. Chronic acidity is corrosive for tissues and can seriously damage health over time.

The specific diet of modern man including cooked food, meat, bread, sugar products, artificial sweeteners, milk products, alcohol and soft drinks “sour” our body.

Raw food, on the other hand, is mainly alkaline.


The ideology of the recently modern alkaline regime is exactly this: our diet should consist of raw, fresh food and enough fruits and vegetables, so the ratio between alkaline and acid nutrients is 60:40.

Poisons in food, water and air, drugs, pesticides etc. are all causes for acidosis (increased acidity). Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes acidosis and increases the alkaline reserves of the organism. Activation of water or its dissociation to H+ and OH- ions at the expense of amines, amino acids, proteins, ferments, nucleotides RNA and DNA is possible in the alkaline organism.

All biochemical processes are improved in activated water: proteins synthesis is speeded up, poisons are neutralized faster, ferments work more actively, amine drugs act better.

The healthy organism produces strong alkaline ferment juices for the digestion process. Digestion is held in the duodenum, in alkaline medium, upon the action of pancreatic, bile and duodenal juices. Pancreatic enzymes work only in alkaline medium. Bile becomes acid in high overall acidity which worsens digestion and leads to organism poisoning with metabolites of the bad digestion. Parasites live easily in acid medium and die in alkaline.

Saliva is acidic in the acid organism as well, which leads to slow destruction of the enamel. Dents are safe from destruction when it is alkaline. Sodium bicarbonate is recommended when treating caries in order to alkalize the medium together with fluoride.

The extra sodium bicarbonate is easily excreted with the kidneys and gives alkaline reaction of urine but the body should adjust slowly to its intake.

Baking soda is used for fast relief of stomach acidity in traditional medicine.

The bicarbonate neutralizes quickly the high acidity indeed, but also gives signals to the stomach to produce more acid. Thus a vicious circle is established. Cooking soda provokes gas release which leads to eructation and ejection of acid up in the esophagus. People are used to self-treatment and this leads to a disease state known as reflux esophagitis – return of the acid which causes inflammation of the esophagus.


Recently the so called bicarbonate cancer treatment becomes popular. Dr. Tullio Simoncini is the man whose name is connected with this alternative approach. He believes cancer cells seek sugar, so the latter plays the role of Trojan horse. In this example maple syrup or molasses is used instead of pure sugar but the sweet won’t lead to cancer cells growth as baking soda will kill them before they have the chance to multiply.

You see, there are different theories and hypotheses for sodium bicarbonate use and benefits. It has its own risks without competent opinion and intervention, so doctor’s consultation is obligatory before starting using it. Talking about cosmetic and home applications, they are plenty and turn sodium bicarbonate as universal mean not only in the kitchen.