On the eve of the most female holiday I decided to make a list titled “What women want?” Of course, I did my mini research on the Internet and among patients and friends.

It turns out that the hugs and compliments are on first place, which make the woman feel good.

We the women feel wonderful when we receive a preferred new perfume or sexy lingerie.


Pleasant talks with friends and unexpected fitting in a garment for which they had thought that it is too small, also make the fair sex smile.

On top of the list with things, which make women feel good, are also the compliments for what they are wearing and how young they look actually.

Hot and relaxing bath at home with a good book or interesting movie on the television is even more preferred than a day spent in the spa center.

And the women do not enjoy only when they are the center of attention. Praises for the children at school or on the field make them even happier than the compliments received for their work.

Surprisingly or not, the new manicure, new haircut and going on a first date also make them feel good.

One third of the women loves to be lost in a book which they like much, and three-quarters adore a special food to be cooked for them.

And the women who are already mothers love to receive a hug from the child at the end of the working stressful day.


Here is a list of the things that make the woman feel good:

  1. A beloved one who hugs us spontaneously
  2. Comfortable underwear
  3. Someone who tells you that you have lost weight
  4. Sexy lingerie
  5. To come across a seasonal reduction
  6. Receiving flowers
  7. Receiving a gift
  8. Someone to tell you that you look younger than you are
  9. Unknown to do a compliment for your style
  10. Eating chocolate
  11. Meeting with old friends
  12. To fit in a dress which we have thought is small in size
  13. Reading a good book
  14. Cleaned teeth
  15. Food, specially prepared for us
  16. Shopping
  17. Someone to notice that we have a new haircut
  18. A hug from a child
  19. Dressing for a party evening
  20. Clearance sale in our favorite store
  21. To tell us that the children are well behaved and smart
  22. A hot bath
  23. A new perfume
  24. Lunch with friends
  25. To win an argument (especially with a man!)
  26. A praise from the boss
  27. Sport
  28. A walk with a new bag
  29. To take off the high heels at the end of the night
  30. First date
  31. Watching soap operas
  32. Wine with friends
  33. Buying a new makeup
  34. New manicure
  35. A dress that makes us look in a perfect shape

Happy Holiday, dear ladies!