14 May 2016,

This is a great and live question in the current season, when we “must” get slim very quickly for the upcoming summer undressing.

From a medical point of view, the rapid weight loss is extremely unhealthy and the reasons for this are quite valid. I’ll try to explain to the readers in simple words how exactly the rapid weight loss happens on cellular and biochemical level.

The fat stores are located inside the lipocytes (fat cells) and in order the fat to come out of them, it must break down to it constituents – glycerol and fatty acids.

In order this degradation to occur, the fat cell must receive signal for its need, as the source of this signal may be different.


In this case – it comes to diets and the stimulus for fat degradation may be lowering of the blood concentration of fatty acids or increase in the concentration of breakdown products, which are a source of energy and for which production again fatty acids are necessary.

Fatty acids themselves are not soluble in the water environment of the organism and their transport is performed with the serum albumins (blood proteins). Their amount increases in proportion to the concentration of the fatty acids, which increases the stickiness (density) of blood. This is also one of the main drawbacks of rapid weight loss. The metabolism of fatty acids is accompanied by the release of carbon dioxide and water, the amount of the formed water is about and more than 7 times bigger than that of the metabolized fat. In simple words – if you “burn” 200g fat for a day, the volume of the circulating blood increases with 1.5 liters, which burdens the internal organs and is also one of the main drawbacks of rapid slimming. Fatty acids are transported to the liver and the more of them are in the blood, the greater is the probability of cholesterol accumulation in the vessels, i.e. during the high breakdown of fat, part of them are not lost, but accumulate and may lead to cardiovascular events. On its part, the liver has the task to produce transport forms of fat, but this function sometimes is depleted too quickly and all unnecessary molecules accumulate in the organ itself. Probably you’ve heard the term fatty liver disease or fatty liver.


Therefore, the rapid weight loss is a vicious way to achieve the desired appearance and I would not recommend it to anyone. Of course, everyone makes his choice – and it is quite wide – from the proven to be effective diets for rapid slimming I pay attention to the mono diets, the different regimes of the celebrities – for example the Holywood diet and the popular protein diet and its variations (Dukan, Atkins, low-carb nutrition).


A sample menu for maximum balanced rapid diet may look as follows:

breakfast – one egg, 1 toast, tea without sugar;

second breakfast – defatted cottage cheese;

lunch – steamed fish (150g), vegetable salad, flavored only with lemon juice, one fruit;

dinner – tea without sugar.


The most effective rapid diet is the so called “no-carb diet”.

Up to 5 kilograms can be lost for three days on this diet depending on the metabolism and the weight of the particular person, but with all risks of rapid slimming.

The menu is the following:

Breakfast – boiled egg; 3 hours later – 150-200g defatted cottage cheese, tea without sugar. After 3 more hours – one more meal with cottage cheese and tea and no dinner.

There is a huge variety of diets, pretending to be quick and effective method for weight loss.

My advice is always to consult your doctor before starting a strict diet.

It is also important to remember that coming out from a diet should be done gradually because you risk to return quickly the lost kilograms and even to gain more.



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