Talking about good mood, most of us start to think about sun, holiday, nice time with the beloved ones, practicing the preferred sport, tasty food…chocolate. And this is not accidental…

First, to answer reader’s question, I have to explain some of the physiological regularities of mood. In fact, many people know mood is hormone dependent. The good mood hormones are produced in given circumstances and if we are enlightened in their secret, we can get them in abundance.

Serotonin, known as the happiness hormone creates a sense of well-being, regulates the circadian rhythms (day-night), increases the sexual desire and pain threshold. Tryptophan is a precursor or the necessary product for its synthesis. Products, containing the amino acid tryptophan (chocolate, eggs, figs, bananas, turkey etc.) contribute to increase serotonin’s levels. It is also known that the amino acid is best absorbed late in the evening. In other words said – eating chocolate before sleep is not a crime against your body but a guaranty for a good mood.

Oxytocin is the other known good mood and trust hormone. It manages the whole process of birth delivery, acts as a pain killer, stimulates lactation, provokes devotion feelings and neutralizes stress. Researches show oxytocin makes people more communicative and well-intentioned. It is naturally produced during sex, especially in orgasm, while talking with friends, relatives, children and animals, and when planting or caring for flowers.

Endorphins are sort of drugs for our body. The name comes from “morphine” and the prefix “endo”, which means “inner”. How do they impact on us? Endorphins make us energetic and optimistic, increase libido, act as a pain killer and possess even anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. They are produced in time of sport – during muscle contractions; when we are successful – for example finding the best solution in a tight situation; during pregnancy; when falling in love; when laughing; during intimate experiences. Researches have proven that ultraviolet light helps endorphin production which explains why some women are addicted to solarium. Endorphins help us being active and durable without rest and sleep in critical situations. Modern people, however, often abuse with this additional source of energy, as they continue to work long after the working time. These hormones act as a kind of pain killer and we don’t notice when our body and brain are totally exhausted. So, this may lead to chronic sleep disturbance and nervousness.



The good mood, as you understand, requires a conscious change of mental and behavioral habits: 8 hours night sleep, regular sport practice, walks in the nature, sex (of course healthy, safe and monogamous) and targeted nutrition with foods – natural antidepressants:

I’ll try to list some important natural foods that will naturally increase your mood

  1. Honey and bee products – containing natural sugars which are brain fuel. Bee honey is the richest in enzymes food, and enzymes keep us young. Bee pollen is also one of the richest in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and hormones food, balances the brain chemistry and is a great cure for depression!
  2. Unsaturated fatty acids – Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are important for the brain function and the fight against inflammation, which makes the skin older. They ensure also a protection against stress as they soothe and relax you. The best sources are avocado, coconut, hemp seeds, chia seeds, tahini, olives (olive oil), almonds and walnuts.
  3. Foods rich in silicon which helps the cells to keep water and elasticity. Salads, nettle, sunflower seedlings, the skin of the cucumber, tomatoes, pepper and oatmeal are rich in this mineral.
  4. Sulfur – containing foods. Sulfur deficit may lead to breaking nails, blooming hair, acne and scars. Foods rich in sulfur are ruccola, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onion, radishes, hempseed, bee pollen. They will make you more beautiful!
  5. Manganese – the natural anti-stress mineral. It calms down anxiety, fury and depression, soothes muscles and the nervous system. Cocoa beans, all green leafy vegetables, some radices, pumpkin, nuts and seeds are rich in manganese. They will make you smile and calm!