(ELLE magazine interview May 2016)

ELLE: Nowadays we all have heard that the health is in our gut? What does this mean?

  • The main role of the intestinal epithelium is to separate the content in the lumen of the intestine from the interstitium. The integrity of the epithelial cells and the specific connection method determine the separating function of the mucosa. The protective role of the intestinal epithelium consists in preventing the access of the potentially harmful intestinal content, including microflora, to the systemic circulation. The impairment of this protective function is associated with diseases, such as the inflammatory bowel diseases – celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome, as well as diabetes type I, reaction of organ transplant rejection, HIV, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and autism. It becomes clear what the importance of the intestines is and why it is so popular to talk about them lately.


ELLE: We all think of detox in the beginning of spring. What are the pitfalls, however, and how to do a healthy detox?


  • Yes, it’s true, traditionally in spring we all want to get quickly in our beach body. Alas, even the most restrictive diet will not lead to great results if it is in the last moment. Think in long term and consider detox rather as a way to “clean” the toxins accumulated in winter, or rather to help our body to cope by itself with the modern poisons.

ELLE: Can we overcome stress with food?

  • As I like to say often – only eating is not enough! Stress usually is multifactorial and the fight against it is complex and mostly inner. There are foods, of course, which could contribute to a better mood and these are raw cocoa, chocolate derivatives, milk and dairy products.

ELLE: Superfoods are already an essential part of our daily menu. But how to include them in the menu of the grown-up children, for whom they are unusual?

  • The tastes are born in a family atmosphere – if you include them in your diet, expect your heir to begin to try them soon.

ELLE: What advice would you give to the people who are behind the computer the whole day and don’t have the possibility to eat homemade food every day?

  • Sitting behind the computer is only an excuse for irrational nutrition. It’s all about planning. If you plan your meals the day before, you will not have to eat junk food, not to mention how many healthy catering companies already exist on the market. So, it should not be a problem for the Bulgarian in the large city to eat healthy, even if he is so engaged with his deeds behind the screen.

You may receive more answers to the questions about nutrition that excite you from Dr. Rayna Stoyanova during the meeting of the club “Modern parents” which will be held on May 14th in Serdika Centre in Sofia on the topic “Problems and solutions in children’s nutrition”.