The truth is that the quarantine period predisposes to weight gaining.

We usually lose a kilogram or so in the summer, as we move more and eat fresh fruits and vegetables in larger quantities, and sometimes it is so hot that even we don’t want to eat. The sunny and warm season is in fron of us, so let’s prepare ourselves together!

My advice is to continue to fill your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables. Plan when you will do sports – thus the likelihood to really exercise is greater than to decide that right now you don’t have time to do it.  There is so much online training sessions, so take advantage of them now!

The timing and the good distribution of tasks during the day will help you find time for everything.

The small snacks between the main courses are important for speeding up metabolism and proper weight loss. Prepare yourselves healthy small portion of yoghurt, fruits, muesli, nuts or something else. At meals, eat proteins first – if you have the opportunity, first finish the chicken and then eat the potatoes and bread.

Do not skip meals – actually thus you encourage the accumulation of fat reserves. In order to keep the desired weight you need perseverance and tenacity. Upon returning to normal nutrition, “yo-yo” effect is observed and except for the lost kilograms, new weight is gained. And this could go on to infinity if you don’t start to eat properly and balanced, consistent with the age, gender, physical activity and the goals that you have set.

Proper is this “diet” to which we can stick our whole life without compromising our life rhythm.

Following long and strict restrictions threatens immunity because basic nutrients may be lacking, as they are important for the full development of the organism.

The risks are associated with the absence of amino acids, which build the hormones and blood cells, lack of vitamins and minerals – catalysts of important reactions in the body. The good work of our immune system is of utmost importance for resistance to bacterial and viral infections. Allergic reactions and diseases are also associated with immunity impairments. The course of all immune related diseases can be modified by diet.

The fruit and vegetable variety in this period of the year could help us make a wholesome nutritional regime with which we will both get slimmer and our organism won’t be an easy target for disease-causing microorganisms.